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This contract is for the breeding season of _______made and entered into by and between

_VanMar Arabian/Pintos : E-mail: vanmar@gte.net_________________________________

(Owner of Stallion)

_21717 40th St. East; Buckley, WA 98321_______________________________________


herein after designated stallion owner, and


(Owner of Mare)



herein after designated mare owner.

This contract covers the Stallion IA Shadow Dancer Reg. # 3A 309564 /PtHA #71990

(sire) VM Shamir Reg. # 2A 232483 /PtHA #40027

(dam) Imari Rose Reg. # AHRA 389795_________

whose Service Fee is $_______; $100 of which is paid with this contract and the balance will be paid when the mare leaves VanMar Arabian/Pinto’s breeding facility.

and the Mare______________________________________ Reg. # ___________; Age________; Color______________

(sire)_________________________ Reg. #_______________

(dam)________________________ Reg. #_______________

The mare owner agrees that -

Upon arrival, the mare will (a) be halter broken, (b) have the hind shoes removed, and (c) be accompanied by a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, certifying that she is healthy and in sound breeding condition.

Stallion owner will not be responsible for accident, disease, or death to the mare, or to her foal (if she has a foal).

He/she will pay the following board on the mare at the time the mare leaves the farm or ranch:

Feed & Facilities $ _8.00__per day.

Should the mare prove barren, or should the foal die at birth, he/she will notice of same, signed by a licensed veterinarian, within 5 days of such barren determination or death.

This contract shall not be assigned or transferred. In the event the mare is sold, any remaining unpaid fee shall immediately become due and payable and no refund shall be due anyone under any circumstances.

The stallion owner agrees that -

He/she will provide suitable facilities for the mare and feed and care for her in a good & husbandlike manner.

Mare owner will not be responsible for any disease, accident, or injury to stallion owner’s horses.

A live color foal is guaranteed - meaning a colored foal that can stand up alone and nurse.

The stallion owner and mare owner mutually agree that -

This contract is not valid unless completed in full.

Should the above named stallion die or become unfit for service, or should the above named mare die or become

unfit to breed, this contract shall become null and void and money paid as part of this contract shall be refunded to mare owner.

Should the mare prove barren, or should the foal die at birth, with certification of same provided to stallion owner

within time specified, the stallion owner shall rebreed the mare the following year.

The mare owner agrees to notify the stallion owner within five days after the mare foals.

__________________________ _____________________________________________________

(Date) (Signature - Mare owner or rep.) (Phone)



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